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FLASHDISK KINGSTONE Ori Murahh 650000    
Oleh agat     Komentar 1     Terakhir oleh agat, 19-Mar-2010 16:02
Ada yang pakai Smart-Telecom?    
Oleh diva     Komentar 1     Terakhir oleh diva, 28-Sep-2007 12:42
Topik 1 - 2 dari 2
  Our love came naturally but I know that we must both work at making it last. So I will try my hardest at all times to be fair and honest with you. I will strive for my own goals and help you achieve yours. I will always try to understand you. I will always let you know what I am thinking. I will always try to support you. I will make sure that our relationship flourishes as I will always love and respect you.  
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